Being Human is a #VOWsurprise…

…And sometimes it comes with packages: a housewarming gift shipped to a sister  moving in with her beloved and creative love notes mailed to a man whose love I have but whose like I don’t always deserve. A plush pig from my mom wearing a bandana with “AFGO” written across it–for those of you not familiar with Glennon Doyle Melton’s phrase from Love Warrior, it stands for “Another Fucking Growth Opportunity”–and a monstrous monitor gifted from one of my favorite people that completely changes my previously 11-inch-sized-screen-graphic-design life.

But more than the actual surprises, this week was about, again, how much being human is both a novelty and a choice.

I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage these days–with my brother’s impending nuptials and many Instagram friends announcing an engagement or a baby on the way. The more I think about it, the more marriage seems like an asinine concept…that I completely believe in.

Because it should be a choice. Not a natural inclination.

Because being animal is instinct and being human involves conscious decision.

And perhaps being a wild woman is the perfect union of both.

This week we WORSHIP
(and that is a concept that
will be a stretch for me these days).

Steph’s SURPRISE mantra: “Being human is a novelty not a mere repetition or extension of the past, an anticipation of things to come. Being human is a surprise, not a foregone conclusion. A person has a capacity to create events. Every person is a disclosure, an example of exclusiveness.” Abraham Joshua Heschel

Steph’s Song of the Week: Lights Down Low by MAX

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A List of the Unexpected: Reflecting on SURPRISE

A matching ice bucket and decanter, which fit nicely with the theme of my our bar cart.

The Power of Now.

A basketball.

The letter I posted two weeks prior, the day the address change was submitted to the post office. Returned home and set aside to be read… when the message was no longer pertinent. Yet still sentimental.

Space in closets, drawers, and the bookshelf.

Tickets to Sam Bush.

A vintage picnic basket for dinner and movies (and yoga, and concerts) in the park. Coming Tuesdays this summer.

A geometric painting of a lemon, created when I was stoned.

Matching mugs — Damn it feels good to be a gangster. x and Oh darling, let’s move to Avondale and be adventurers. x

His-and-hers Student-Affairs-pink underwear.

All new bedding — despite being identical to their predecessor.

A hot sauce kit from a sister.

Rosemary cookies from a mother.

Doonesbury comics from another.

Orange roses.

A wax seal in the shape of a Z.

New sneakers for more urban hikes.

A new dress for The Great Homecoming. And a new journal to mark a new chapter of life.

Arriving on Thursday afternoon rather than Friday night — and beginning a life together.


This week contained many surprises to mark an occasion so momentous that we weren’t the only ones to celebrate — friends, family, and neighbors contributed.

Reflecting on the excitement of these items and experiences helped solidify that my love for surprises, both in giving them and receiving them, lies in the act of generosity and care meant exclusively for the benefit of the receiver. Every extra item chosen in an Amazon order or on a trip to Target, or in making additional space in my home was exciting because they were done specifically for the appreciation of another. The giver revels in the anticipation because they foresee the joy it will impart. The size of the gesture and the price tag associated means nothing. It’s the act of love, to show they are known, they are cared for, that they are truly seen, and they are prized above all else is our message. And we speak this love language well.

Here’s to more of the unexpected in coming weeks and years. In the joining of two lives and seeing where we go next.

Keep a candle burning because this week we WORSHIP

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