K2 P2 rib, repeat 8 rows: Reflecting on RESOLVE

So it’s funny, I didn’t even think of interpreting RESOLVE as fixing something or wrapping things up until I read Steph’s post. For me, RESOLVE was always buckling down. Fixating on something and seeing it through, even as times got tough.

Work is brutal right now. Miraculously, I’m not stressing. I am RESOLVED to go with the flow. It is what it is. My god, is there a more adult mentality than that?

Every holiday season I like to make at least one or two handmade gifts. Over the past few years I’ve crocheted blankets for loved ones (to varying degrees of success). I haven’t picked up knitting needles since my divorce. But early last week, I set my mind to a project. And after searching for a pattern, I decided that what I wanted didn’t already exist. So instead, I decided I’d just make my own.

I’m not an advanced knitter. And I’ve never made up a pattern before. But my project seemed simple enough and I was feeling headstrong and creative, so I set to work.

I made multiple test projects, jotting down changes or thoughts as I worked my way through. It was intense enough that I didn’t blink, forgot to eat, spent the majority of my weekend curled up on the couch, knitting and purling and cabling until I’d figured it out.

I RESOLVED myself to making it work. And when it didn’t, no worries. I’d backtrack and adjust. It’s the process and I knew I’d get there… I just had to figure my way.

Finally, finally, I was ready to start in earnest. And when I was six tiny rows away from completion, it happened. I dropped a stitch that I couldn’t pick back up. I had to deconstruct the whole thing — all that time, all that patience — and roll it into a tiny ball.

Because I’m me, there were several oh shits. But otherwise I remained collected. I knew all I had to do was start again. Which I did. And I gotta say, the finished project is pretty damn cute.

Our last mutual VOW of 2017 is WAIT

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