51 verbs in 52 weeks; this was our venture in 2017.

For the 50 weeks in between, we randomly selected a verb for each week that we spent time with. We began on a Monday and ended with individual reflections on the weekends, with the exception of a couple bye weeks for each of us.

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In 2018, the second year of our project, we have opted for 12 verbs in 12 months.

For both 2017 and 2018, each of us chose a single verb for the entirety of the year, our #OneWord. In 2017, for Lin, it was EMBRACE; for Steph, it was BUILD. Our goal was to spend the year reflecting and putting this verb into practice. We bookended our challenge with this word, making our #One Word 2017 our VOW, our Verb of the Week, for the first and last weeks of the year.

In 2018, for Lin, it is EXPAND; for Stephanie, it is NARROW. Completely unplanned, we chose antonyms (opposites) of each other for our words this year, so we decided to keep that theme in mind for the 12 verbs we would encounter in 2018. We randomly selected six verbs and then chose antonyms for them. For example, in January 2018, we will CHARGE; in February, we will FREEZE. We will each post at least once a month.

To see our VOW schedule for 2018, click here.

The purpose of the VOW Venture is simple: to live more intentionally aided by our favorite part of speech.

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