Go Big and Go Home: Reflecting on Seek & Commit

April was a full on sprint. We closed on the house March 30th, flew to Cuba April 5th thru 10th (gorgeous, amazing, you should go), wrote a 18-page paper on the impacts of frequent porn use, submitted for edits, revised by the 23rd, packed and moved into a new house on the 28th. And at the close of the month, we have every box unpacked (thought art has yet to be hung on the walls).

May 1st thru 4th we hosted my dad and his girlfriend then an old college friend stayed the weekend. Yesterday was yard work (I LOVE mowing grass, it’s better than therapy), bought a couch, got some art framed, and finally, *finally* sunk into our chairs to catch up on Westworld.

I didn’t post my March reflection because I flat out didn’t have a single evening to parse my words. But SEEKing came in the form of reading over 50 academic journal articles, working through a mini personal branding course, and scouring Facebook marketplace for furniture and other items we needed for our new home.

But there were smaller moments, too, when I looked around our little apartment and really saw it for the home it already was. I truly loved it’s features; what it lacked in size it made up for in modern details. The horizontal stained wood accent wall, the original black and white bathroom tile, the ginormous farmhouse sink. I snuggled with Josh in the perfectly lit oasis of our bedroom. I inhaled incense on the faux cowhide rug of our meditation room.

I looked for all of it… and then released it.

Because I had some COMMITments to make. I bought my second house, though it’s the first one I’ve ever been deeply, truly, and wholeheartedly in love with. I COMMITTED about as much as a person could in April. I journeyed into debt with My Person, my new city, and my job. For better and for worse, I’m staying right here. And I feel like that’s exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Going big (with EXPANSION) and staying home (with COMMIT) made April hands down the best month in a very long series wonderful months.


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