A Series of Fortunate Events (#VOWseek)

“There are times to stay put,
and what you want will come to you,
and there are times to go out into the world
and find such a thing for yourself.”

– Lemony Snicket


It’s mid-April, and I am still struggling to write about March, about #VOWseek. I think there is a lot to say, profound things (at least to me) to say but…it’s all still soaking in. Making me think. And that’s all I can ask of it.

When I finished yoga teacher training, at the end of February, I promised myself that I would not take on any new commitments. As I have mentioned before, I have this habit of jumping wholeheartedly into deep journeys, one after the other, without giving myself time to just lie out in the sun—and believe me, my pale skin could use some color.

So, I took the month.

And instead of taking on fresh obligations, I simply took in moments.
I breathed in deeper than I ever have before.
I exhaled without a weight on my chest.

I loosened my grip.
I tried things.
I found things.

Some that I was looking for.
Others that I hadn’t even considered.

But there are passions and plans that made themselves known, and I’m getting serious.

This month, we:


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