Penny pinching: Working on FREEZE

All is well on the home-buying front, though movement is far slower than we anticipated. Fortunately for us, we don’t have an urgent need to get out of our apartment immediately so a sluggish process isn’t the worst.

For weeks my mind has been spinning and planning and dancing about all the ways we’ll be able to make this new home truly ours. Picking out carpet and paint for the one room that needs some fixing, brainstorming how to fill the huge empty wall in the kitchen, researching concrete patio pricing for the backyard oasis we plan to install this autumn. I may have spent a few hours last night researching clawfoot bathtubs for my ‘spa’ bathroom.

I’ve fluctuated between sheer excitement and unbridled dread of the monetary commitment. The thing about buying a house is that it requires a lot of money. Not just the financial cost for the big ticket things like flooring or furniture, but the little stuff like attaining moving boxes, replenishing your cleaning supplies, and filling in walls to make the space feel lived in.

So after setting aside a chunk of my tax return for our upcoming Cuba trip (52 days…) I’m placing myself on a budget. Doing all the smart pre-moving things like using what we have rather than buying more. Purging the things (mostly: clothes) that no longer serve us (which is so much more satisfying that nearly anything you buy). Squirreling away money for tomorrow will pay off in a big way.

So as of today I’m on a financial FREEZE for the rest of the month(s) until closing. Historically I haven’t always done so hot in these challenges but I have faith (and recently developed penny-pinching strategies) that will carry me through.

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