Soldiering On: Reflecting on CHARGE

We’re a month in and I’m still scratching out the 7 when I write the date, or doing the awkward turn-it-into-an-8 thing. Which, let’s be real, lasts until March for most of us. But January flew by, making CHARGE so apropos for the month because I soldiered on right along with it.

The switch from weekly to monthly posts is a god-send, I must admit. Starting my second semester of grad school my time is increasingly valuable since my freedom is dwindling. There have been nights — so many nights this month — when I was entirely unmotivated to do a thing. Drained from pushing onward, moving forward, striving upward. Though that’s our natural state, Steph’s and mine. We’re Evolvers and to CHARGE ahead is the only way we know how.

I spent a lot of time pondering other meanings of CHARGE this month.

  • To move relentlessly progress despite obstacles
  • To spend money you don’t have by putting them on an account to worry about another day
  • To (re)charge one’s energy
  • To make demands or accusations
  • To trust something into another’s possessions

Perseverance is a word that has resonated with me since before my divorce. It has always represented a standard of living that I respect and a trait I try to embody. I’ve found strength in it; knowing that regardless of what I encounter I’m not one to get stuck. So this month in the midst of home-buyer remorse (which I can say has abated as time has progressed), too many open cases at work with too many interviews yet to conduct and too much pressure from higher-ups to get them resolved, and an enormous pile of academic articles to digest — I would pause for recalibration. To reCHARGE before I CHARGED forward yet again.

A depleted battery will ultimately fail to get you through the day.
Demands can always be honored but only if given the margin to gear up for it.

January I geared up for the year ahead and all the energy it will surely drain from me. These days I’ve put into practice setting aside self-care time (tarot reading, the occasional House Hunters and wine binges with my beloved, and moving my body in a way that feels good). Funny how at 32 you still have to re-learn those things, but that’s evolution. Sometimes things don’t progress in a perfect lineage. Incrementally you see the shift; it may not always make sense but you know without a doubt that things are not what they once were.

February we FREEZE
(though some of us less than others… i love you subtropical climate)

Check out Steph’s #VOWcharge post (coming soon!)

image accessed via Reddit

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