On Choosing (and already witnessing) #VOWexpand

I bought myself a special birthday treat last August. As a tarot reader, you’d think that I’d have had several professional readings in my time. Not so. The only reading I ever had (aside from friends in my meetup group) has been a nice fellow spread out on the Charlottesville foot mall. It was that one random reading (backed by a lifelong curiosity) that led me to purchase my first deck.

This year I paid off a shit ton of credit card debt. I cut out all superfluous spending for over a year and plugged about 40% of my paycheck (after taxes) towards financial freedom. EMBRACE taught me a lot about money, such as using what I have rather than stockpiling three or four backups of virtually everything (read: fear of scarcity issues). I worked hard and so as my birthday approached, I asked my inner self what sounded like a nice reward to usher in the new year. And my heart said it would like a virtual tarot reading from the incomparable Benebell Wen.

My Twelve Month Reading included a whole host of unexpected and insightful information (Bell is nothing if not an Achiever) and it was she who chose my #OneWord2018 for me.


She had channeled the word as being key for the upcoming year. And the reading she gave supported it. And mysteriously (because I’m still sorting out my beliefs regarding astrology because it seems hokey but that shit is also eerily accurate) many other metaphysical readings I’ve had done in the ensuing months have supported it.

I will admit that it felt that #VOWexpand felt almost too similar to Steph’s 2017 word (Build) but who am I to argue when the Universe places a path in front of me?

Some things I want to EXPAND on in 2018:

my education

my career

my spirituality

my friendship circle here in Bham

my relationship with Josh

my relationship with myself

my definition of Truth

How this shows up is still a mystery. That is the benefit of choosing a word for the year – it isn’t quite what you anticipate it will be. Like a mantra and affirmation, like spellwork, I believe that in the mere focusing of the word it redirects where you will go.

I hope to help it along the way, of course. I don’t fold my arms and blindly demand that the Universe heap mind-blowing revelations on me. Some things I plan on doing this year:

try out kundalini

determine my capstone project

reestablish my meditation practice

read (and re-read and re-re-read) White Hot Truth

buy a house

Let me just clarify that, that last one — buy a frigging house — was not on my list as of January 1st. But there’s the Universe, stepping in and saying oh that’s sweet. you want expansion, huh? how about 2400 square feet?

The perfect-for-us home fell into our laps late last week. Josh and I have kept our eyes on Zillow since relocating. We’ve been happy renters but are so in love with our neighborhood that we knew the ever-burgeoning area would soon outprice us rent-wise. We’re surrounded by cute mid-century bungalows so it felt only natural to set a few alerts in case anything in the right price arose. And as it turns out, there was one house about half a mile from where we live that kept catching both our eyes.

So we booked a showing with our realtor on Friday. And wouldn’t you know it? The sellers had just dropped the price. The layout was the right amount of quirky. The wall colors and flooring were just my style. The kitchen had a big deep sink and fancy fridge included.

It was perfect.

And upon checking my horoscope the next morning, I read:

There’s a great deal of activity for you on the home front. You might be involved in a major construction project and if so, you’ll make significant progress today. Your contractors might inform you that they anticipate finishing ahead of schedule, much to your delight. Another possibility is that you could be involved in a real estate transaction and notice that there are absolutely no obstacles in your way. This is clearly meant to be.

And it was. We put in an offer, we seamlessly got pre-approved by a bank, the down-payment requirements are way lower than expected, and this afternoon we got news that the sellers have accepted our offer.

So come March — one year from Josh’s arrival — we will EXPAND from our first apartment together to our first home together.

And as I cycle between ebullience and terror. I’m not scared of buying a house with Josh but rather the financial commitment that comes with it. I’m getting what I ask for, plus a healthy dose of CHARGE (our January VOW) which, when all is said and done, I’m certain will be for the better.

See Steph’s rationale for her #OneWord365 — #VOWnarrow.

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