Life is what you invest into it: Reflecting on SAVE

The synchronicity of our VOWs serve as a constant delight. We didn’t arrange for any of these verbs to fall on certain weeks, so imagine how tickled we were to discover SAVE was occurring the week of Daylight Savings time.

Historically, I make proclamations about waking up an hour earlier and getting my day off to the right start. The hour is a gift and I’m already used to waking up at that time — blah blah blah. This year is different because Josh and I have developed the habit of waking at 5:45 to hit the gym before work. That’s early enough for me as I have zero interest in seeing 4:00am at either end of my sleep cycle.

This year I feel giddier about the time change. I have no sense of obligation of shoulds or ought to’s. Instead, I get a free pass to enjoy luxuriating in bed. I’m a girl who loves her sleep and loves her bed, so this is downright magical. So in honor of that sleep, we purchased new accouterment for our bed — new throw pillows and the softest faux fur blanket I’ve ever touched.

This week we SHOW

Lin’s SOW (Song Of the Week): Sound of Your Voice by Barenaked Ladies and the Persuasions


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