Freeze Frame: Reflecting on SUSPEND

Last week was a reflection of the basics that my life has become recently: AM workouts (which I really, really despise); interviews and report writing at work — with the occasional interview for a new coworker tossed in for good measure; studying and academic paper writing at night; maybe a half hour of TV like Veep or The Good Place to reward my diligence. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

I’m tuckered.

And it is interesting because I’ve felt like I’m in a sort of limbo even though I’m doing so damn much. It doesn’t feel overwhelming. It doesn’t even feel particularly negative. It’s just the schedule for my days and the routine makes me feel as though time isn’t moving as fast as it is.

But here we are, middle of October.
I just need a minute for things to slow down! Or hurry up. Ideally one or the other.

Midterms have passed. I’m closing out investigations at work. There are things on my need-to-do-soon list that are way past expiration. This all comes as a surprise each week as I fill out another week spread in my planner. How is so much happening when nothing is going on?

This isn’t a particularly insightful post, I suppose. This time of year always catches up to me. The impasse between how are the leaves falling off the trees already and oh my god, how much longer until winter break?

This week we’ll see what continues to amplify and what will inevitably BREAK

Lin’s SOW (Song of the Week):  Caught by St Beauty (which has nothing to do with this week’s verb but is simply too amazing to stop listening to)

& check out Steph’s joint #VOWehance and #VOWsuspend post

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