Teeter: Reflecting on #BALANCE

Grad school assignments. My first cases of the school year. OCR revelations (and what it means for my field). Prioritizing 5:00 workouts. Quality time with my fella. Catching up with my long-distance people.

Last week I felt the strain of keeping all my balls in the air. Obviously some dropped (i.e. my #VOWprotect post, sorry…). Life felt like an unrelenting personal game of Jenga. I managed to lightly knock a brick out of a precarious position and rest it on top, but everything is swiveling around that it is only a matter of time before everything clatters. It took concentration and energy but goddamn if it doesn’t cause for a mini celebration after each successful turn.

There have been other times when I’ve struggled with keeping my BALANCE. Those were days before I fell in love with Brene Brown and she taught me the dangers of perfectionism. I can gratefully now say that despite the bustle of almost too many tasks, I managed to keep things aligned. Similar to standing bow, you tend to topple when you focus too much on the act of balancing itself. Overthink things and you’ll wobble. But determinedly fixate on one spot ahead of you in the distance and things will seem to fall into place. That was my week — not set in stone but not too wavering, either.

And amazingly, I’m starting to reap some rewards of my efforts — such as an offer to possibly instruct a class next autumn. Or maybe moonlighting as a research assistant for a respectable study. More things to juggle for sure, but definitely well worth the effort. All it takes is practice.


This week we not only keep the status quo but we level up as we ENHANCE

Lin’s VOW mantra: 

Lin’s SOW (Song of the Week): Mercy by Katy Flower

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