The Antidote to Holding On: #VOWthank

I finally did it–I signed up for my 200-hour yoga teacher certification program. I start in October and finish in February. (Goodbye, Weekends!)

Anyway, I’ve always loved school, and given that most kids (and Sister!!!) are starting back and I don’t have that option any longer, I decided to get a jump on one of the texts for training last week: Living Your Yoga: Finding the Spiritual in Everyday Life.

One of the first few chapters is called, Letting Go, and it talks about how a lot of us (ME! ME! ME!) struggle to loosen our grip on this life. Especially on the things and, more often, people, we love in it. And by refusing to open our fist and let go, we actually give up being present (one of the most foundational aspects of Buddhism, mindfulness, and yoga) and attach ourselves to suffering.

The author, as she does in every chapters, gave some practical and very accessible ways to try to release things, and her first strategy blew my mind:

“I feel that paying attention to those very moments when I feel attached to be an effective technique of letting go.”

You know what happens when you pay attention to those very moments?

You don’t worry about what happens next.
And your first reaction isn’t anxiety or fear; it’s gratitude.
You give fucking thanks.


This isn’t my default reaction yet, but I’m trying, especially lately.

And this week, I will continue too, especially before I…


Steph’s THANK mantra: We’ll eat with much gratitude.

Steph’s Song of the Week: Surrender by RIVVRS

& Don’t Miss Lin’s #VOWthank post, because Sister is the most badass and wholehearted human ever and her post is bomb.


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