Devotion: Reflecting on INVEST

This past week my family convened for a mini reunion in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

It was the first time I met four of my six nieces and nephews.

It was the first time I introduced my fella to my step sisters.

I gave Josh the Lindsey Childhood History Tour around Grand Junction.

I laughed with my brother.

I side-hugged my step dad while he wiggled a finger in my ear.

I talked about aliens with a 3 year old.

I was only coerced into a single heated political conversation (in which I said one sentence and extricated myself).

I listened to my teeny sweet momma tell bunches of profanity laden stories.

I ziplined over a canyon, swung off the side of a cliff, discussed my irrational fear of losing my fingers while ice skating.

I hadn’t anticipated this week to go so wonderfully. And I mean, sure, I was exhausted from kids screaming, stuffed from eating far too much meat and far too few veggies, and hungover from one too many mixed drinks on my brother’s birthday. But overall it was really fucking fun. And I was glad to have participated. Thrilled to have INVESTED time and energy and love with these people. We’re scattered all over the country but for one simple week we made each other meals, discussed our daily lives, laughed and high-fived.

I’m not as close to my family as other folks are. But it doesn’t mean I cherish them any less. And I’ll forever hold this time dear to my heart… even if we did forget to take a single family snapshot.

Join us next week as we try to HOLD on, HOLD tight, and/or HOLD steady…

Lin’s VOW mantra: “Don’t worry about the stock market. Invest in family.” ~ random fortune cookie discovered via Google

Lin’s Song of the WeekColorado by St Eugene

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