The Ace of Wands: Reflecting on SPARK

I began reading tarot cards about four years ago. I’d always been curious about them, ever since my first viewing of the movie Now and Then, when Janine Garofolo’s gyspy-esque character pulled the 10 of Swords and instantly knew that a little boy had been murdered in the town many years ago. I sneakily procured my first deck when I was 11 but not understanding anything about what tarot is or what it’s meant to be used for, I became fearful of my deck’s assumed “occult powers” and I ended up throwing them in the garbage later that night.

But in 2013 I was drawn back while visiting Charlottesville, VA. A friend and I were attending a conference there and during one of the breaks, we took a stroll down a nearby outdoor shopping center. At the base of a tree by one of the walkways, a man in a tie-dye shirt sat with reading cloth, crystals, and a deck laying before him. Jeri suggested we sit for a reading; I readily agreed. During the passing hour and a couple of jarringly insightful spreads later, I knew that I wanted to learn the language of tarot. I ordered a deck shortly thereafter; to date, I have accumulated about 35 more.

During my studies, I learned that tarot is, in fact, NOT an occult instrument used for the practice of devil worship. While it is common for pagans or wicans to use them for spellwork and fortune telling, those folks are among many populations who appreciate them. In fact, there are a lot of tarot decks which are marketed to and utilized by Christians under the name of angel oracle cards.

I have found tarot to be a wonderful tool for self discovery, rich with symbolism to help uncode and unpack life’s questions or challenges. The cards can tell you more about your path, your mental state, or ways you can direct your energy.  For some folks, tarot is essential to their spirituality. For others, it is completely independent of it. For me, my practice lies somewhere in between.

With this week’s verb being SPARK, my mind immediately connected with the Ace of Wands.

ace of wands

Image by Jessie Durhaim

Each card in the tarot deck has its own meaning, its own lesson to draw from. Like in a normal deck of playing cards, Aces start the numerology of the tarot. They are all about potential, beginnings, and creation. Wands are a suit of the tarot, akin to hearts or spades. Wands represent the element of fire and thus indicate passion, power, and charisma.

For me, the Ace of Wands typically represents all the potential of a just-lit match (see the wrist tattoo in the image above). The Ace of Wands is the SPARK of a creative venture, a passionate love affair, the beginning of a joyous new hobby.

But a match is short and unless it is used to light something else, it will quickly snuff itself out. It needs connection in order to develop and progress.

We must always been cognizant of a match’s power as well. Because as we all know, a SPARK can start something comforting, like a campfire for friends and family to gather around. But it can also be the start of extreme devastation, like a forest fire started by an arsonist.

SPARK, it seems, is really all about what comes next. The path we choose to follow. Because inaction leads to wasted potential. Malicious intent leads to chaos and disaster. I suppose so can positive intent sometimes, too. But most often if we can control our SPARK and direct it in a meaningful direction then beautiful, comforting, wonderful things can grow from it.

This week we experienced the astrological shift from Cancer to Leo. Leo is a fire sign. And I am most definitely a Leo baby. So this Ace of Wands energy, representing the start of our most fiery season, is coursing through me. It is this week that I am spending with friends and family, this birthday that I am feeling the most at home in my life, and this season that I start a new degree that I anticipate will set ablaze a whole new future.

Join us this week as we INVEST

Linds’ VOW mantra: “From the little spark may burst the mighty flame.” ~Dante

Linds’ VOW song of the week: We Didn’t Start The Fire by Billy Joel

Be sure to catch Steph’s #VOWspark post.



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