That’s the Secret: Tribe (#VOWcheer)

Every time I think about leaving the District and starting over somewhere else, it sounds invigorating. Daring. Lovely, even.

However, on nights like the eve of this past Wednesday, I can’t imagine leaving this place—

The Capitol Hill community I have become a part of.
The church family I can’t bear the thought of missing.

It’s important to note that I do not attend services.
That I believe Universe Buddha God is best found beyond four walls.
And that when I say church, what I mean is a three-story used bookstore where we eat of the flesh and blood every second Saturday, but God is confined to the Religion and Philosophy sections.

I’ve just finished a storytelling course, the product of which was a final showcase where eight of us took the stage in front of small swarm to bear the fruits of our labor. Many people had one of two members of their tribe there; on Wednesday night, mine was ten strong.

Charlie Chaplin once said that the secret was that you have to believe in yourself, and I think that this is vital. But I think the real secret is that you have to find your tribe, love them hard, show up, and, sometimes, let them cheer you on.

This week, we…


Steph’s Cheer Mantra: “Courage, dear heart.”

Steph’s Song of the Week: Live While We’re Young by Johnnyswim

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