The Glory of Nothingness: Reflecting on REVEL

Reentry after vacation can be brutal. Catching up on emails, receiving updates from your boss, surveying all the tiny fires that started in your absence.

I had NONE of that coming home from the wedding. It was glorious, unprecedented, and entirely unexpected. Being able to exhale — finally, finally — was a gift I knew I needed but little did I know of the extent to which it was necessary. I managed to stay productive and gained traction without the mad rush that has been my continual pace for the past ten months.

As is the case any time we slow ourselves down, I had the chance to appreciate minute details that I’ve flown over for months. How sinfully decadent it can feel to catch up on professional reading during work hours. How liberating it is to select your days project from a list of moderate tasks with no immediate deadline. How cleansing transferring all your hard files into digital counterparts can be. All while chatting leisurely with whomever pops by your doorway or finishing up the audiobook you started on your flight home. How unshackled you feel when you leave an hour or two early because it’s just not worth it to start another task at the end of the work day.

This whole week I’ve REVELED at how replenished I’ve felt about work. And how much that has transferred over into my personal life. I felt the weight and the burnout in recent weeks but I was taken aback by how much I’ve floated through my days this week. And I know that when time comes for life to hype back up, all those small details will be less magical, more mundane, and the bustle will have me REVELING all over again.

This week we MAP our lives…

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