Getting There: Reflecting on REACH

I took a by-week for REPAIR so it felt good to be VOWing again. This past week was defined by REACHING in every sense of the word.

I stretched myself to meet a challenging work deadline and actually made it — miraculously. I crossed over the school-year summit and am finally winding down the other side of the academic year mountain, reflecting back on my accomplishments.

Josh and I arrived on vacation to support a beautiful and much beloved couple tie the knot. It was a gorgeous and intimate ceremony that I was and am beyond honored to have participated in. Catching up with my tribe reminded me what I desire for so strongly here in my new city.

I spoke to a beloved friend via Skype (still holding strong to those friendship intentions!) and felt that connection and love over many miles, united by computer screen. I was reminded that there exist some bonds which re-link with the most slight of outreaches; and how wonderfully easy it can be know you’re seen and heard and appreciated regardless of how and how often you show up.

I unfortunately hit a breaking point with another friend with whom I attempted to reconnect, wanting to shed light on the dark spots of our relationship that I have struggled with over the past year. I couldn’t REACH him, he was either too closed off or too unready to fix what has been damaged. So I bowed my head, acknowledged that sometimes things and people and friendships change, and decided to wait with an open heart should he attempt to contact me in the future. I was reminded that there exist other bonds which need more maintenance or more communication or more grace than they’ve been given. To no one’s fault, I suppose. But it hurts all the same.

And throughout all of this, I consider myself fortunate that always within arm’s length was my Person; ready to offer a hug or a cup of coffee or to stand in as the minister (for the rehearsal).

A lot of our lives are spent trying to get to the next milestone — be it a promotion at work, a marriage proposal, a number on the scale — and sometimes when you REACH those, you feel invincible. And other times you admit defeat because no matter what you try, you not only miss the bullseye but the dart doesn’t even hit the wall. Those successes are personal and shared. Those challenges are made easier by your posse — or sole individual if that’s who you have. And all of it is a flux; we REACH our goals or our limits or another person’s heart, only to need to show up and re-earn it all over and over again.

This week we take it all in as we REVEL

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