White Knuckled: Reflecting on RELEASE

The end of the school year is a hectic time for everyone in the field. First grade teachers, University professors, admin staff, and student affairs professionals. I’m not alone in the race to the finish line.

And yet — finals have been graded and summer classes well underway. Graduation has commenced and the gowns laundered and stored for another year.

And here I am, chugging away. Taking small strides to finish the work that honest to god feels like it’ll never end. For every case I free myself from, another comes in. And with it, the burnout smoldering inside me.

But I have persisted. I have typed. I have pushed. And I have made progress step by step.

And over the past week, I sat at my desk, fingers rapidly typing over 75 pages of information. At long last, on Friday afternoon, I liberated myself from a project several months in the making. And holy shit it felt good. Yet I’m having a hard time relaxing and letting the stress go.

It’s like I’ve been white knuckling work for so long that RELEASING my grip almost hurts.

I clicked save on my document at 2:00pm before the long weekend and unleashed myself from my office for the long weekend. The feeling was like skipping school and I felt just a little bit guilty for it. Though with a cold beer in had, it’s easy to justify your decisions a bit. Added with the reminder that it is summer and while my load may never fully lighten, it need only be as heavy as I enable it to be.

And this week, it’s back to the grindstone where we will FOCUS…

Read Steph’s BEAUTIFUL post on #VOWrelease

featured image courtesy of Tony Shasteen

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