Give It A — :Reflecting on REST

Because I read a shit-ton of blogs and many, many books in the self-help genre, I am routinely inundated with the message put to society — especially mothers and other caretakers — Make sure you prioritize YOU time, too! Put yourself on your own to-do list. You can’t function on your highest level when you’re running on empty.

This is a VERY important message.
I take it to heart.
In fact, I took it to heart when I first heard it and integrated the lesson into my everyday.

And it’s funny because I feel like as someone who routinely prioritizes her mental health, as a person who can turn off and relax  on a regular basis, and who often treats herself for no reason at all, I often get judged for the exact thing which we’re all encouraged to do.

Because our culture, especially for women, embraces the idea of business as a status symbol. And even when we’re confronted time and again with studies and books and sage advise from our elders telling us to REST and pamper, many still default towards passing judgement on those who follow instruction.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot during the last week. My frustrations​ with how things are when my idealized self doesn’t think it needs to be that way.
This is where I recognize and acknowledge the SIGNIFICANT privileges my god-given identities have, well, given me. I have an ethnicity which promotes white mediocrity. My nation of origin is nothing but a gift of riches and spoils. Growing up, though we weren’t totally wealthy, I never knew a night without a full stomach. I am certainly blessed.

Additionally, my choices and station of life grant me further benefit. I work one job that provides me an income which I can not only support myself comfortably but which allows me to enjoy luxury on a regular basis. And my childfreeness allows me to sleep until noon, drink mimosas until 3:00, enjoy a blissful (not to mention quiet) meal, and rock out to a concert until all hours of the night.

I live a charmed and luxurious life.
I know it.
Though it does come without sacrifice.

Sacrifices which I won’t tout here because they will inadvertently come across either defensive and insufficient. And frankly, because I’m an adult who chooses whether she wants to provide explanation for her choices.

I guess I don’t have a huge purpose to this ramble. I write if only to say that I consider and am grateful for my privilege literally every single day — in the ways I earned it and the ways I don’t deserve it.

Each day I also look at the manner we tear our sisters down rather than build our tribe. The ways we look at other lives and determine ours is the baseline, ours is the right one or the hardest one or best one. And those who have it easier than us deserve reprehension and those who have it harder than us deserve instruction.

I’m tired of the competitiveness, especially amongst my ladies.
And I hope to be a vehicle for that message to take a REST in whatever way we can.
And to let all that other shit REST as well.


This week we RELEASE what we’ve caught
(which hopefully includes this lingering cold)…

Lin’s SOW (Song of the Week):


And check out Steph’s post on #VOWrest (which is, indeed) ironically timed


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