Little More Than Dreams: Reflecting on INTEND

So Josh and I moved into a new apartment.

Granted, it is literally across the street from our old place but still. Moving is moving.

It has been exhilarating to imagine the whole life we’re going to build in this place. This top-floor apartment with clapboard detailing and sliding barn door, views of a tree-lined street, and high ceilings. This place will surely be the location of mine and Josh’s first fight. Where we’ll spend happy holidays and host our families. Where we’ll solidify what it means to be us.

Our first home together is full of hope and good INTENTIONS.

All of which began with the move in.

On Monday morning, I dropped Josh off at the airport for a work trip he had already on the books. I had INTENDED after the work day to begin packing up our apartment room by room and transporting our things in small batches to then unpack in the new place. Repeat over the next days until Friday, when Josh returned and would host the movers who were scheduled to transport all our big stuff. We anticipated getting situated on Saturday, all in time for a work trip between Sunday and Wednesday.

Our first home, filled with all these good intentions, did host a first for us. It is the location of the first time we’ve been sick together. I, with migraines and gastro issues. Josh, with congestion and fevers. And it was due to these illnesses that INTENT became a very applicable verb for the week because it impacted nearly every facet of our move.

I moved slowly and painfully as I packed my things and unpacked around the contracted crew placing final touches around the apartment. When my flu got so bad, I made mini deals with myself to soldier on. If you pack the kitchen cabinets, you can skip the fridge until Josh gets back. If you empty the bookshelf, you can end early tomorrow.

All my INTENTIONS became defunct pretty quickly. The week became a testament of flexibility and pushing through exhaustion. The illness took hold strong enough that I was out of the office on both Thursday and Friday. When he returned, Josh was equally exhausted from travel and illness and therefore unable to easily pick up my slack.

There were many sacrifices and compromises during this move. None were terribly significant, but their abundance influenced most days. Our guiding light was the unmovable (pun intended) fact that we had to be out of the old place by Saturday. The method by which we accomplished this was up to us. So it meant being less organized and less speedy than (I) ideally desired. It meant takeout and 7:00pm bedtimes over sexy times and toasting with martinis.

Moving indisposed was miserable. But I’m delighted to report there was no sniping at one another throughout the process, so our first fight will have to wait for another day. It’s already feels like a happy home and when all was said and done on Saturday night, we lay exhausted in bed, too weak to hold tightly to one another. We expressed excitement and gratitude for what lies ahead, for the life we INTEND to build. Together.

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