Colors and Doodles: Reflecting on #VOWscribble

Recently I’ve become enamored with paper. Or rather, in paper that I’m not traditionally interested in. I’m a journal addict, the collection of 12+ unused tomes under my bed is a testament to that. Nor have I been spending as much time wit my planners as of late. Instead, I’ve been researching and making preliminary scratches to my very own tarot grimoire.

And in Doodling. Be it Zentangles or mehndi, I’ve been trying to find my own flair.

I recently read an article about Melania Trump’s Instagram feed. How every person has an eye and a voice in their photography… even if they are untrained snapshots. It got me pondering about my own photographic voice. Because a photographer I am not. But if what the article’s author says is true (and my gut affirms it is) then surely I have my own eye for other artistic endeavors… even if I don’t classify myself as particularly artistic.

I have a strong voice in my writing. All my blogs sound like me (probably because I read them all aloud prior to posting). Even my work reports sound like me. But all drawings, painting, designs I craft feel distinctly one thing… bad.


But that article and my ruminations on it have got me spinning that perhaps I just need to output my art. And these damn doodles that have captivated me so. On Saturday (or was it Friday?) Josh and I went to an art fair with a henna artist. I thought ‘I like how that looks’ so for SCRIBBLE I gave myself permission to try… sans judgment.


The image above isn’t perfect. As you can see, I smudged the ink in several places as I shifted the notebook around. And my inner critic chastised myself. Told myself it would be an embarrassment to share. There are elements of the design that work and elements that I flat out dislike. But the essential thing is I just completed it. That I allowed it to be imperfect because it’s for fun. It’s a new hobby. And it’s as inconsequential as tossing into the recycling bin.

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