Memorize: Reflecting on CAPTURE

Grand plans sometimes go unmet. Life gets in the way and we don’t have the ability to — or rather, we perhaps neglect to — CAPTURE life’s little moments via our Polaroid. These days we all place such an emphasis on documenting our lives that we can forget that to CAPTURE needn’t be physically tangible.

While swimming in Halong Bay two Novembers ago, we were anchored behind a gorgeous peaked mountain during sunset. As I tread water, far away from the click of a shutter, I breathed in a dream, actualized. I stared at the sky, closed my eyes to cement it. Repeat. Repeat. I wanted to be fully immersed in the experience while also ensuring that I never lost the beauty.

Later, after boarding our cruise ship and puttering around the Bay, I found myself alone on the observation deck while others showered and prepared for dinner. Dusk fell and a silver hue covered me, the water, the mountains. I tried to take a picture but the beauty didn’t translate. So for a second time that evening, I studied everything my eyes fell upon.

I revisit that day a lot, to ensure that I don’t lose what I worked so hard to CAPTURE.

And of course there are moments we don’t foresee wanting to remember. One year ago, my fella and I unwittingly planted a seed. It was slow to sprout and we have become very protective over it’s safety. I think back to April 17th last year and am filled with gratitude. I go back to our early moments and write them down, CAPTURE them on paper so that in the years and decades that follow (whether we stay together or not) I’ll be able to come back to this beautiful phase of life any time I want.

Happy anniversary(ish) Josh. I’m glad you caught me.



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