Strolling the Avenues of Birmingham: Reflecting on CHANCE

One of the greatest surprises (and benefits) of living in the South is that winter lasts all of five minutes. Spring is sproing-ing and it is glorious outside, y’all. Opposite to the Februaries I’m used to, trees are blooming, grass is greening, and with temperatures in the mid 60’s and 70’s (and humidity’s at bay?!) now is the perfect time to explore more of my town via more urban hiking.

Back in 2014, RISK was my #OneWord for the year. This week’s VOW, CHANCE, is risk’s youthful, light-hearted, and care-free sibling. In the past, the things I felt the need RISK were big, life changing choices. Quitting a job without another lined up. Saying goodbye to one of my best friends when the relationship had grown toxic. Traveling to a country where I didn’t speak the language (though admittedly that was more adventure than full scale risk).

CHANCE is similar, only less significant. The things I typically leave to chance are less impactful in the grad scheme. Buying wine exclusively because of the label. Rocking those white snakeskin ankle booties.  Dining at the sketchy looking restaurant in the strip mall with the great reputation.

To CHANCE this week was about having some fun so I decided to take a stroll in the lovely Highlands neighborhood and leave my route entirely up to serendipity. I downloaded a random audiobook as well as a dice app for my phone. The white die told me how many blocks I would walk; the blue die told me whether to turn right (evens) or left (odds). The entire stroll was up to happenstance and it took me on a completely novel route in a neighborhood I’m only mildly acquainted with. It was silly and inconsequential and while the book failed to hook me, the scenery did. I’ve tried to come up with a better description than “fun” but my goodness. It was just really, really fun. I got so wrapped up in my mini adventure that I didn’t even think to take capture or catalog my route.

All I can say, I suppose, is that you should try it. Regardless of how long you’ve lived in your town, how well you think you know your neighborhood, it’s a fresh way to take in the streets. To get lost in a bitty adventure. To take a small chance to liven up an otherwise dull Sunday.


This week we CURL


Lin’s VOW mantra: Take the risk or lose the chance.

Lin’s Song of the Week: Rambling Through the Avenues of Time by Flight of the Concords

Be sure to read up on Steph’s post on #VOWchance (coming soon!)

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