The Thoughtful Making of Space

I was looking forward to this past week, to make being our verb.

I was going to paint (i.e., make stuff), and I was going to meditate more (i.e., make space). Painting and meditation sounded idyllic and completely realistic as I gently began to float down to earth in my four-day yoga bubble.

Then it popped.

And I fell (rather hard I might add) into
government clearance processes,
conference logistics,
competing deadlines,
creative brainstorms,
existing freelance projects,
a favor for a client,
feeling like a less-than-good daughter/sister/friend,
the beginnings of a relationship,
sore muscles,
low libido,
Trump’s inauguration,
his ensuing tweets,
the Women’s March,
alternate facts, and
week three of Whole 30.

It’s Sunday night, and I have not painted a damn thing.
Meditation is a distant dream for my overly stimulated brain.

And all I can do is think:

How do you make space for things when you can’t make more time?

The answer, my friends, is that you do just that: actually start to think.

Louis Khan said, “Architecture is the thoughtful making of space,” and if what I am trying to do this year is build, I am going to need to thoughtfully make the space for it.

I’m not exactly sure how to do that at the moment; all I know is that right now, I’m not doing it at a pace I will survive for the next 49 weeks. But I have a feeling this week’s VOW may have offer some insight.

Here’s to withdraw.


Steph’s MAKE Mantra: “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful–that will be my life.Elise De Wolfe
Steph’s Song of the Week: Build It Better by Aron Wright

Be sure to read up on Lin’s post about #VOWmake.

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